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Welcome to the pleasurable world of the most desired independent escort in Mumbai. Stop for a moment- if you are interested in exploring the limitless pleasures offered by a paragon beauty. Experience the true mirth of emotional lovemaking and per fervid enjoyment ensured with a perfect blending of sensuality and sexuality. Open your libidos and release your dark fantasies to discover a new you in a stately pleasure-dome.

Who can enjoy my high-quality Mumbai escort service?

Since the time of my inception in the Mumbai escorts industry, my quest has been to become the Mumbai traffic stopper and definitely a heartthrob of the rejected lovers, dissatisfied husbands, high profile gentlemen, young professionals, reputable industrialists, smart handsome, dignified business tycoons, mere travellers and modern man of supreme sexuality and promising promiscuity. With my quality service, personalized care and magical power of creative lovemaking and erotic pampering, I have created a significant niche for me which has helped me stand out from the other Mumbai escort girls.

I am a 22-year-old independent Mumbai escort

Want to know who I am? I am none other than Megha verma, a 22-year-old independent Mumbai escort specializing in offering ecstatic emotional and physical pleasure, blending sensuality with sexuality. I am very hot like a summer night and blessed with a fair complexion, curvaceous athlete figure, rosy cheeks, cozy lips, brown hair, and lustrous eyes. My milky white body, radiant sensual eyes, attractive bust line,and fully waxed bottom are dedicated to providing my clients with supreme sensuality and superclass sexuality. I stand 5 feet 6 inches tallwith a physical measurement of 24-36-24 to light up your room and definitely steal your heart with a sweet smile.To make me look smart, attractive and vivacious, I very selective in choosing my dresses, shoes, perfumes, and creams.I like to put on stylish shoes and superfluous transparent dress to have a voluptuous look. My higher education, intelligence, smartness, and efficiency in handling modern devices and electronic gadgets helped me secure a dominant position in the Mumbai model industry. Very soon, I become a popular Mumbai model girl. My self-actualization in the model industry inspired me to concentrate on the other domain in order to spread my sphere. Moreover, my passion for meeting new young handsome and an urge for fulfilling my sensual pleasure and gratifying sexual hunger created a desire in me to come to the Mumbai escort industry. I chose Mumbai escort service as my part time job for leisure spending and gratifying sexual impulses. This has helped me love this job and gain a dominant position in Mumbai escort agency. I really enjoy the pleasurable games with my men.

I instill sensuality in my Mumbai escort service

To make lovemaking more engaging and emotional for a longer period of time, I make you feel the pulse of love and sensation through your all five senses- auditory (sound), visionary (sight), olfactory (scent), gustatory (scent), and tactile (touch). I have the peerless capability of offering pleasurable sensations that can easily connect your all selves emotional, mental, physical, and consciousness.You can easily feel the different levels of physical and emotional (mental)loves with your preconscious, conscious and subconscious minds. The incredible healing force in my sensuality can open a romantic gateway for you to help you become a completely balanced man with many human qualities like love, compassion and fellow-felling. Time actual can easily leap forward towards the time psychological to produce vital impulse (élan vital) to induce creativity, productivity and innovativeness in you. As the consequence of it, you can easily shun your boredom, depression, frustration and other negative impacts that persuade one to commit suicide, homicide and other negative things like these. Moreover, my foreplay, seduction and other creative sensual activities can connect you to your primal sexuality to open a powerful gateway of experiencing your raw emotions. Based on these abilities, I can ensure you the best girlfriend experience, most satisfactory bed partner experience and other forms of female dating services to renew your relationship and recharge your internal batteries.

My sexual capabilities as an independent Mumbai model escort

My high-quality sexual services or sexualities are dedicated of offering my clients optimum erotic pleasure. Responding to your outcall services, I reach to your desired destination and enter into your chamber, stalking in my naked foot. Everything all around you becomes colorful as soon as you look at me. You gradually lose the control over yourself, when the loosegownfalls from my shoulders. Embracing you in my wild array, I will softly kiss you and ask you, “Dear heart, how do you feel this?”. With my repetitive kissing and foreplay, I will make you hot and excited until you feel an urge to get lost in my deep romantic chasm slanted down the black hillscovered with thick black grasses. I enjoy the game from the core of my heart and gradually take you to your climax and cast different kinds of erotic spells that help you stay at your climax for a longer period of time. I try my level best to reciprocate your all applied techniques to make the game more emotional and interesting for you. My all original reactionsand reciprocations will increase your hunger for enjoying more with me. This helps me stand out from the other Mumbai model escorts. Lie on my tolerant enchanted slope to force ceaseless turmoil in my deep romantic chasm which is measureless to earthly man. You will really enjoy the game when a mighty fountain would momently come out like the fast thick pants caused by deep breathing. You will never ever forget the extraordinary swoon during the time of releasing you and ceaseless turmoil seething in my deep romantic chasm. My dancing rocksat once and ever would fling upsacred river repetitively. Gradually losing the control over your body, you would release yourself through repetitive hard strokes like chaffy grain coming from a thresher’s flail. Getting me on your bed for a long night can ensure you a rocking bed, colorful moment and sleepless night.

Companionship in my Mumbai escort service

Apart from offering sensual and sexual services, I can be a very good companion of my men planning to attend a social gathering, corporate event celebration or a product lancing session. Depending on your needs, I can be a very good guide of yours. If you are planning to explore the attractions in Mumbai and partake in many pleasurable activities, I can be your very good friend, philosopher and guide to make it more spicy and colorful. Having good corporate knowledge and being exceptionally smart and comfortable with all aristocratic manners, I can be your personal secretary while you are going for an important business agreement or deal signing. Your prestige will be up when I will accompanyyou to an important event celebration and playan important roleof a personal secretary.

I am comfortable with both incall and outcall services, depending on my clients’ requests.


Under this service, I will delight you at my home with my wide range of Mumbai escorts services.


For outcall, I will meet you at your home, hotel or guest house, well-equipped with all cutting-edge Mumbai escort services. You can spend quality times with me by kissing, embracing, and doing sexual intercourse with me until you are fully satisfied.

Personalized care

My personalized care for my men helps me build a long term relationship with them. If you are new in Mumbai and know nothing about the city, I can guide you and help you in the possible ways. Utilizing my strong league with many high profile men in Mumbai, I can aid you to get your desired things easily and definitely ensure a very good environment to enjoy with me in peaceful and undisturbed manner. I can go with you for a long drive or a sizzling night out in Mumbai.

I adhere to high-level of confidentiality

As one of the highly acclaimed Mumbai escorts, I maintain high-level of confidentiality and promise you to keep your affair as top secret. I never take any chance of outsourcing your personal details for making money. Your all affairs would remain veiled to retain your dignified position in the society. You stay out from the tension and risk of any scandal or infamy.

I carry the proof of my regular medical checkups

I keep myself clean and fresh and use organic beauty care products. As a high-class model escort, I carry the proof of my regular medical checkups. I undergo medical checkups after a certain regular period of an interval to keep you and me safe and healthy for limitless pleasure in future. This is why taking erotic pleasure service and indulging in sexual intercourse with me is completely safe and hygienic.

All my Mumbai escorts images are originals

To build trustworthiness and credibility, I always upload my original pictures of different situations and real events to my picture gallery. I never utilize anything like photo retouching and photo masking to boost the image quality or make me more attractive. This is why if you browse through my picture gallery, you will get all original pictures.

I am open to any sexual and sensual encounter

I am fully committed to offering my clients limitless pleasure in their desired ways. This is why I am open to any sexual and sensual encounter. I can offer you erotic pleasure in your desired positions and required poses. In order to ensure the true essence of the erotic game, I will listen to you minutely and follow your instructions properly until I can fulfill your demands and desires.

Value added services- All Kamasutra Positions

To ensure the real mirth of optimum erotic pleasure, I ensure sexual ebullience in all Kamasutra Positions. Combining traditional theories (sutra) with modern tools and techniques, I ensure outstanding sexual and sensual pleasure. From complex muscle movements to soft sex positions till sexy postures, I am comfortable with all. I am highly skilled in creating a wild atmosphere on the bed and arousing feeling of passion for having rough erotic pleasure.

Why should you choose me as your desired escort in Mumbai?

  1. I am a 22-year-old young and good looking Mumbai model escort specializing in offering a wide range of Mumbai escort services, blending sensuality with sexuality.
  2. I ensure out of the box independent Mumbai escorts services and personalized cares
  3. I am comfortable with both in-call and outcall services.
  4. I undergo a regular medical checkup and bring the proof of it.
  5. I include original images of mines in my picture gallery
  6. I ensure to have sheer fun
  7. I am open to any sensual and sexual encounter
  8. Browse through the picture gallery
  9. I take your affair with me as highly confidential

Mumbai escort service

Keeping pace with modernized needs and demands, I have categorized my escort services in three distinct categories.
These are as follows:

  1. Adult dating services
  2. Kiss
  3. Dine and wine
  4. FK (French kiss)
  5. DFK (Deep French Kisses)
  6. Foreplay
  7. S-GFE (Special Girl Friend Experience)
  8. DATY (Dinner At The Y)
  9. Artful blowjob for optimum pleasure
  10. Sensational hand jobs, moistening with exciting liquid


  1. Play with boobs
  2. Handjob
  3. Feet job
  4. Blow Job
  5. Special Massage
  6. O-level (oral sex)
  7. Play with pussy
  8. DSL (Dick Sucking Lips)
  9. COB- (Come On Body)


  1. Full body massage
  2. BBBJ (Bareback Blowjob)
  3. Covered sex
  4. The best doggy style sex (sex from behind)
  5. Hot riding sex
  6. Rough sex
  7. Open 69 positions with responsive participation and active involvement
  8. Limitless penetration in all 3 holes in my body
  9. All Kamasutra Positions

Apart from all these services, I cater to my clients to appear before me with their innovative ideas, creative poses, and new sex positions. I would like to meet those exactly in every possible way, using modern toys, machines and oils.

If you come to this city and like to spend quality time spending by meeting, chatting, whispering, kissing, liking, and enjoying a whole night, don’t forget to call me. I will be your sweet heart in this city. Don’t let this opportunity slip from you. I am only a phone call, a few mouse clicks or fingertips away from you.